Archive | May, 2015

The Haircut.

Friday was one of those days. Naomi had a bad night, waking multiple times for multiple reasons and I was tired. As she fussy nursed that morning I saw the day stretched out ahead of me and started a whiny internal monologue, a very dissatisfied costumer of life in general. This unproductive thought track led […]

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The Physics of Motherhood: Inertia

Newton’s first law says that objects at rest or those in motion stay that way, unless an outside force acts on it. As I settle into my new job as Stay at Home Mom, I realize that the physics concepts I loved to teach my high school students apply to me in my daily life […]

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For the Love of Sleep

I’ve always loved sleep. As a teenager my mean girl friends used to tease me for becoming a grouchy tired “pumpkin” at 10 pm on a Friday night. As an adult, I’ve had to try hard at discipline with exercise, eating well, and keeping the house clean, but not sleep. It’s been a consistent priority […]

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