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I’m back!  The summer months flew by in a haze of heat, full weekends, and the chaos of needy summer school students.  Finally, routines are set and I’m feeling a little more settled.  The crushing heat of summer will soon (hopefully) disappear and my favorite season of falling leaves and tall boots is almost here.

Even though its not the season of presents, fresh starts, and champagne, I am feeling like I want to reboot my life.  For me, busyness is the enemy of good habits and self discipline.  My over-committed life this summer was the downfall of any good habits I had.  I have been feeling like I need to change some pretty unhealthy rituals and habits that I have adopted while just trying to get through life.  So, today, the first of October I will begin a month of “falling into wellness”.   Usually my life goals are well intentioned healthy habits that thinly veil the ultimate goal: weight loss.  This time, the goal is wellness, which includes my mind, body, and spirit.

So I am changing some habits.  So far, day one, I am feeling great.  I swapped my usual de-stressing glass of wine for a scented candle, a prayer of letting go of my day, and a relaxing yoga DVD.  Even Mr. Wonderful commented on how calm and happy I looked when he got home.

I plan on updating my road to wellness this month.  Hopefully the end result will be a less stressed and more whole version of me.

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