Married WF seeks Hobby

My least favorite part of any questionnaire has always been the hobbies and interests section.  In the past, the only hobbies and interest boxes I could have checked were shopping at the mall, nursing teenage crushes on boys, reality television, and travel.  Thankfully, my thirties have found me a more confident and interesting woman.  I have more hobbies and interests now than I used to, even if several of them involve some type of exercise as a means of weight loss.

I have decided that as I wait for my baby, I need a hobby.  I want to redirect some of the energy I have poured into baby making into learning something new and finding new things about life to enjoy each day.  Also, I want to find more things I am good at.  Ive been so blessed because I generally succeed at tasks when I give it my all, however, I have found it disheartening that I have not immediately succeeded at conception.

Thinking about finding a new hobby makes me recall my hobbies of the past.  I think I was in second grade when my mom encouraged me to join a parks and rec softball league.  I excitedly became a part of the Dodgers team and it was almost immediately apparent even at eight years old, that I was not destined for sports greatness.  I earned the position of Rover which is clearly the position of the least athletic member of the team.  We lost every single game, but that didn’t stop me from proudly claiming my honorable mention trophy at the end of season pizza party.  Even though my mom pushed me to finish what I started, thankfully she never pushed me to try a second season.

One of my favorite childhood memories is learning to play the accordion.  It all started when  a man knocked on the door of our suburban home.  I answered the door and the man asked if I wanted to learn to play the accordion.  Im not exactly sure how it all worked out, but with mom’s permission he came in and gave me a mini lesson in the kitchen.  I was hooked!  My mom drove me across town to lessons for awhile, and I even participated in a small recital.  I took lessons for as long as our family’s limited means lasted.  That was my one and only foray into music.

My adult hobbies so far have been sewing, exercise, and recently, writing.   My ideas for things to try include sailing, tennis, learning to play the guitar or piano, singing in the Easter choir at church, karate, and taking a writing class.  I’m hoping that in finding new hobbies I will discover more to love about myself as I continue endeavor to live life fully during an uncertain time of waiting<—-Hey! That sounds like a mission statement!

3 Responses to “Married WF seeks Hobby”

  1. Joy
    February 7, 2012 at 11:54 am #

    Yay! But why not get even better at the hobbies you are already doing–sewing and yoga? Crafting in general? Start an etsy shop, maybe? If you want to try tennis, I’d be into trying that with you! I’m sick of running. 🙁

    Man, you’ve been a blogging machine lately! Good job. 🙂

    P.S. We watched a movie the other night where a man is going door to door selling accordions and gives the little main character girl a lesson. I had a vivid memory of sitting in the back of your accordion class, where all of you “big kids” were sitting on brown metal folding chairs, totally dwarfed by your accordions!

    • Sarah
      February 8, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

      So funny that you remember that! As far as sewing goes, I’m giving myself a break from it right now because the only thing I can sew are baby clothes and accessories! There will definitely be a season when I will bust out the sewing skills again but not for now. I will let you know about tennis too!

  2. Rachel
    February 8, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

    Sissy, those hobbies sound really fun that you might try. What a random assortment! I agree with Joy though too, I feel like you have a ton of hobbies, including yoga, sewing, rapping and composing education songs, and cooking/baking, but it is always fun to try something new!

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