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I wear many hats at work each day.  At any given time I can be educator, life coach, secretary, mom, cheerleader, college counselor, and disciplinarian.  Today our tenth grade students took a high stakes test that is required for graduation.  This was the first opportunity for the students to take the test.  They have been […]

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Married WF seeks Hobby

My least favorite part of any questionnaire has always been the hobbies and interests section.  In the past, the only hobbies and interest boxes I could have checked were shopping at the mall, nursing teenage crushes on boys, reality television, and travel.  Thankfully, my thirties have found me a more confident and interesting woman.  I […]

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Poodles Wanting Babies

While my brain space used to be taken up with weight loss, teaching, calorie counting, and reality television, its now almost all consumed with the art of baby making.  No, not consumed with the fun part, a la teenage boy, but consumed with troubleshooting the unseens and unknowns of conceiving.  Over the past few months […]

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