Today is my 31st birthday.  Having a January birthday can be hard, especially as a kid.   Kids always start thinking about their birthday months ahead of time and I was no exception.  I would bug my mom at the height of the holiday season about my birthday party, adding to the hustle and bustle of the season with constant questions like, who would I invite?  What would be the theme?  Could I have ice cream cake?  My mom would always tune me out until I demanded an answer.  Her reply was always the same, “We can talk about it after Christmas”.  Little girl Sarah would ask first thing on the 26th.

On my fifth birthday I had planned a big party at Farrell’s ice cream parlor.  I loved it there and I wanted to eat my very own giant ice cream sundae.  I remember being so excited for the waiters to sing, and I remember something about them beating a big drum to call attention to the birthday girl.  Unfortunately, I was just recovering from a bout of the chickenpox I had caught in Kindergarten.  Just in time for my birthday I was feeling better but my mom and two sisters had caught them!  I remember my mom, miserable with adult chickenpox practically begging me to postpone the party so she could go.  I stubbornly would not delay my ice cream extravaganza, so I went on with the party, my wonderful grandparents taking care of the details while my poor mom stayed home with my two younger (and equally miserable) sissies.  I still feel so bad about that!

Over my childhood years I had many special birthdays including bowling, Magic Mountain, and even a makeover party.  One special birthday was when my new step dad took my mom, me and a friend to the fancy smancy restaurant Spago in Beverly Hills!  He even rented a limo, which made me feel so special.

The party I probably looked forward to most was my sweet sixteenth.  My very first boy girl party was to be a 50’s themed dress up party.  I made flyers and invited a hundred friends (mostly youth group kids, this was not the type of high school “flyer party” raunchy teen movies are made of).  On the big day, I dressed up, put the tunes on the jukebox, and waited for my friends to come.  Without reliving all of the pain of 15 years ago and wallowing in teenage self pity, I will just say it was not the all out tribute to my greatness I had hoped it would be.  If you ask anyone in my family, it was a great party but that day, I decided I would never have another birthday party.  Other than low key dinners with a small handful of friends, I stayed true to my word.

Flash forward to now.  Last year was my big 3-0 and I determined to get over my birthday anxiety.  I succeeded by having a great birthday filled with out of the box and memorable moments.  This year, I took the day off and had a great day by myself!  I’m so glad that in adulthood I’m finding that there is more to my birthday than a public display of how many people love and remember me.  I am so excited for my 31st year.  Last year was hands down, my best yet.  This year has a lot to live up to, and I hope that will will exceed my expectations.  Bring it on 2012!

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