online blackjack card games download apkLast night for date night, Mr. Wonderful and I watched Little Women.  Clearly, it was my turn to pick, but I picked it specifically because I was thinking a lot about my sisters.  We recently returned from an amazing vacation with my sister and her husband.  It was even more fun than I hoped it would be and it was almost unbelievable to realize how connected we are.  We haven’t lived in the same city for ten years now, but even with a country of miles between us, the fact that we grew up in the same crazy house formed an unbreakable bond.  It was amazing the way she still intuitively knew when I was becoming anxious (in elevators, in reaction to a change in our flights, when I hadn’t had my coffee yet) and even more amazing that we have such similar food tastes (who doesn’t like pretzels?  Us!).  The comfort and ease of vacationing with a sister is something so natural that it could not be duplicated, even by the closest of friends.

I’m lucky though, because I have not one special sister bond, but two.  I am the oldest of three girls and the youngest is about to be married.  We are so close in age, there are not more than 4 years between us.  As my younger sister plans her wedding, I feel so fortunate to be a true part of all the planning.  Giving her honest sisterly advice and excitedly supporting her as she embarks on the epic journey of marriage are benefits of sisterhood I greedily reap.

We weren’t always this close.  Before we somehow arrived in the comfortable place of sister/friends, we fought like crazy.  Sisters can be a great source of love and support, but they can also hurt each other in a way that no one else can.  I remember that when we were teenagers we knew exactly what to say to make the other sister stop in her tracks, struck by the power of hurtful words. In Little Women, there is a scene where little Amy is mad at Jo when she feels left out because she isn’t old enough to attend a big party with the two older girls.  Jo comes home and finds that Amy has burned her manuscript, sending Jo into a mad rage.  Amy immediately regrets having impulsively hurt her sister right where it would get her the most.  I can remember many times being hurt and hurting my sisters, as we grew up, and now, less frequently even as adults.

The thing about sisters that is so unique is that no matter what the inflicted harm (words now, full on physical fights are in the past), we get over it.  Like Jo and Amy in Little Women, we move on and continue to love and support one another through the years in all situations.  Because we love each other, we hold up a mirror to our sister, honestly and lovingly helping our sisters be the best person they can be.  Sisterhood means that someone always has your back despite your imperfections and for that, I am thankful.  There is a line in the movie that my sisters and I have repeated throughout the years.  Jo says, “I’ll never love anyone as I love my sisters”.  There could never be another sentiment to sum up the sweetness of love that sisters feel.

Except maybe “Pooping turtles eat peeing pickles”.  I love you Sissies!

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