Archive | September, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I went to a work meeting today and left feeling pretty bummed out.  It was a big meeting with multiple school sites and I was going to see my old coworkers for the first time since I left.  Getting ready this morning, I felt as if I was going to see an ex boyfriend for […]

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This Friday Night

I am a pretty big fan of girl power pop songs that demand a good car dance.  This especially includes anything Katy Perry.  The other day, I was driving home from work and her current hit, “Last Friday Night” came on the radio.  Immediately my mood perked up and I smiled as I thought about […]

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How Sarah Got Her Groove Back

Most of my teacher posts these days have been as angst filled as my teenage students.  Working at my new school site has been such a big adjustment.  Its so different in fact, that I feel like I need to carry a passport to work there.  I almost feel like I have transported back to my missionary […]

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