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As a teacher, I have daily opportunities to build character.  A few weeks ago, I experienced one of my most difficult student situations yet.  I didn’t want to write about it until now, because it was hurtful and I needed to heal and forgive before I could move on.  Now, I thought that re-telling the […]

Poodles (Not) Doing Yoga

In June, there was a line of 300 credit deficient students and unruly parents outside our school trying to enroll for summer school.  We only had about 200 spots, and it was apparent that all the teachers would need to pitch in and take on some extra students.  I volunteered to teach night school two nights […]

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The Yearly Move

Guess what?  We’re moving!  Again!  The hot husband and I are getting ready to move into  a great new place filled with glorious  amenities like a fireplace, two bedrooms, a two car attached garage, a dishwasher and our very own laundry!  By now we are experts at moving because as my dear friend reminded me, this will be my […]

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Welcome to Life

“I didn’t sleep very well” “I have to take my (insert name of random family member) to the hospital (read: doctor’s office)” “I’m on my period and I have cramps” “I don’t like reading”. Over the course of a single day, I hear dozens of excuses from teenagers about why they aren’t at school or […]

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