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When I was in second grade I was a girl scout.  I only did girl scouts for one year, probably because it was only made possible by the unusual circumstance of extra money in the Moyal family coffers.  I was so proud to be a brownie.  I remember strutting into the classroom wearing my uniform […]

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The Imperfection Mix Tape

I used to love making mix tapes.  I would spend a whole Saturday afternoon listening to the radio, waiting for a good song to come on and when it did, I would run over to my Sony boombox to push record.  My famous “Super Sarah Mix Tapes” would constantly be played in our mini van […]

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Frolicking in Greener Pastures

“I just want to breathe some different air”.  This is what I told my confused students and curious coworkers when they asked why I wanted to transfer to a different site.  Now that I have transferred, I realize that is actually the perfect way to describe exactly what I needed.  Its amazing how when I […]

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I See Dancing Babies

One of the only good things about not having cable is that instead of watching A+ reality drama on “Real Housewives of XYZ” in real time, I am catching up on awesome shows of yesteryear on Netflix instant.  Lately, I have been rediscovering the glory of Ally McBeal.  My sisters and I loved to watch […]

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Redefining “Results”

Today, I got on the scale.  The scale and I have a long history as enemies, and when I turned 30 I vowed not to get on it again, unless I am at the doctor’s office.  So far, I relapsed only a few times, and today was a doctor’s office day.  I have been doing […]

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