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I spent Thursday evening in a fancy pants hotel ballroom, surrounded by well dressed wealthy people who were there to donate money, eat a good meal, and honor a Jewish Family Services benefactor.   I was there because my amazing Saptha (grandma) was part of the show, making her debut via pre-taped video.  She was taped to show […]

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Teacher 2.0

I’m moving my teaching skills to a new hood!  I cant wait to work in a new environment, with more classrooms and less baggage.  In the three and a half years I have worked at my current site, I feel like I grew up a lot.  I am not proud of some of the “growing pains” […]

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Introducing…Sarah 2.0

I am initiating an upgrade to my operating system.  This is the newest and current best version of myself that I am referring to in third person as “Sarah 2.0″.  Sarah 2.0 has some great new features which will make life easier for everyone I know and will help me to move though this world […]

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Yoga Crush

Today, yoga passed me a note in class that reminded me of how much I LOVE it!  My crush on yoga started out strong, like a pre-teen infatuation.  I thought about yoga all day, spent my work downtime looking online at yoga clothes and accessories, and even studied the yoga schedule to see how many […]

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I Heart Teaching

I have been so into my job lately.  Actually loving it, especially when I realize that I am investing in teenagers, endeavoring to live up to school’s motto of “empowering minds by inspiring hearts”.  This month, our students are participating in this amazing program where they learn about and memorize classical poetry. They learn about […]

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Mean Girls

Daniel and I watched Tina Fey’s comedic masterpiece “Mean Girls” this weekend.  I forgot what a fantastic movie it is!  Watching the mean high school girls made me think of my old high school friends.  We were a group of six girls, who called ourselves the Six Sex Kittens (SSK for short).  We thought of […]

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