Kauai was beautiful!  It was amazing!  And it was filled with lots of presents from Jesus.  The whole time on our trip, whether I was enjoying the beauty of the ocean from our lanai, gazing into my husband’s eyes over a romantic dinner, or soaking up the sun on the beach, I kept thinking about this phrase that my favorite radio host says many times on every show.  Dave Ramsey, my financial guru and reason I am fanatical about paying off my school debt, always answers the “how are you?” question with the line, “better than I deserve”.  Better than I deserve really felt like the theme of our vacation, which I acknowledged as my heart swelled with gratitude at the surprise presents from Jesus peppered throughout our trip.

Presents from Jesus.  I have used this term before, usually to describe the luck of seeing sea life in their natural habitat.  I love whales and dolphins like a middle school girl with a Lisa Frank folder.  If I get to see them in the ocean I always exclaim, “Its a present from Jesus!”  On our trip, I saw whales from the balcony of our upgraded ocean view suite (Present from Jesus!) and on a sunset cruise (I also saw spinner dolphins really close up, actually spinning as they jumped out of the water!).

The gift nature of our trip was very apparent right from the start.  I had booked the trip (unknowingly) during the state testing window at work.  State testing is undoubtedly the worst time of the entire year for teachers.  Especially at our site, where there are 5 adults in one room who just barely tolerate each other during a normal workday, now forced to work together as a “team” for 2 weeks.  I think God must have known I needed a break, my first (and biggest?) present from Jesus.  When the rental car agent offered us a free upgrade to a mustang convertible, I chose to recognize it as a gift.  Our upgraded room was a wonderful gift as well (a gift we paid a little for, but it was more than worth it).  We tried so many new foods, from delicious lunches of fresh poke to the most perfect shaved ice on the planet,  I don’t think we had even one thing we didn’t like (that’s a gift!).  The theme of this trip continued right to the end when, a bit tired of each other after 6 non stop days, we were given the most timely gift of all; a middle seat between us on the return flight (definite present from Jesus).

For me, our Hawaii trip was a beautiful illustration of this verse, long tucked away in my mind as a reminder of how truely well taken care of I am:

“Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens.  He never changes or casts a shifting shadow”

James 1:17 NLT

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