Throw the back out with the bath water

One of my worst yoga fears has happened.  I threw out my back.  Did it happen in yoga class, looking amazing in a hard pose?  Nope.  It happened at the nail salon.  Some people who know me well know that I do not enjoy pedicures.  I get them about twice a year and endure them for special occasions when I want my toes to look super cute peeping out through open toe shoes for a wedding, or playful as they smoosh in the sand on vacation.  I got to the nail salon, and bent down to roll up my jeans.  That’s it.  My back spasmed and I knew I was in for it.

I had a pretty bad back injury in 2006.  Long story short, I worked for this crazy lady who operated a small distribution business.  One day, I reached down to lift a 50 pound box of chocolate and move it to its place across the room.  I must have turned my back wrong ever so slightly because I suddenly had a horrible pain shooting up my back and down my leg.  My boss freaked out because she did not have worker’s comp insurance so she begged and pleaded with me not to tell the Dr that the injury happened at work.  All co-dependent and eager for her approval, I agreed and have regretted that decision for five years now.  My back got better after a few days, but I have had to be pretty careful ever since.

The stars must have aligned in just the wrong way today.  Working in concert, my cute (but not comfy) shoes yesterday,  a little change to the usual yoga routine on Thursday, and carrying some bags of clothes down to the car this morning all must have contributed to the perfect storm that caused my back’s tantrum.  So there I was, grimacing in pain as I gingerly climbed onto the massage chair, the discomfort of this particular pedicure the worst ever.  To take my mind off not only the routine unpleasantness of my pedicure, but now also the searing pain in my back, I made up stories in my head.  A sure contributor to the charm of the local nail salon is that the women talk.  And talk.  And talk.  And not in English.  Naturally, the pedicure customer in the chair, her feet at the mercy of a nail woman with various torture devices at her disposal, thinks the conversation is about her.  As the women talked, I made up translations of their words that were probably far more interesting than what they were actually talking about.  The young woman across the room said in her native language “Did you go to happy hour last night?  Was that guy you hooked up with last week there?”  This gets the attention of a few other women in the room.  They perk up, eager to hear the answer and turn their attention my way, to the woman working on beautifying my feet.  She giggles, glances up at me and mumbles, “ Oh he sure was!  But a girl shouldn’t kiss and tell”.  This gets the attention of the other women in the room as turn from their clients to catch a glimpse of thier  coworker.  Giggles all around.

I didn’t get to run any of my pre-vacation weekend errands today because I came home to rest.  Here’s hoping tomorrow I wake up to nothing but a small reminder that as strong as I feel in yoga class, I am not invincible.

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  1. barbara
    April 28, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    YOU are so original! I always thought it was so annoying when I got a pedicure and the girl would talk in another language and yet smile at me! I never thought about making up a conversation in my head that would certainly make it more interesting.

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