Spring Fever

Spring is here!  How do I know this?  I know because of the beautiful weather, my anxiousness to get on vacation (Hawaii next week-woot woot!), and because our student’s necks are adorned with evidence of warm spring  night activities.

I love the change from winter to spring.  I love the feeling of coming home to a warm apartment, throwing open all the windows, letting the cool beach air filter in and cool the place off.  I love that I don’t need to wear my jacket in the morning.  I also love that spring means its closer to a new school year with its fresh starts and new ideas. 

I’m really looking forward to embracing the warmer weather.  Sleeping with the windows open isn’t always pleasant at our apartment though.  We are basically idiots who moved to an apartment with a sorority in our backyard.  When we moved in July, we were so impressed with how quiet everything was.  However, in late August we were assaulted with sounds akin to a junior high girls sleep over coming from the apartment building behind us.  Come to find out, its the Delta Gamma sorority house.  About once a month they have huge weeknight ragers with frat boys and barbecues that really mess with my zen after a long day.  These parties are filled with amplified top 40 hits, screeching, and the sounds of hundreds of people talking in our backyard.  My favorite part of these parties are either when I call the police and they come break it up (I love the sound of the music stopping abruptly and the moans of upset.  But hey, dont they need a permit or something?) or when they end on their own with their own rendition of songs including, “Sweet Home Delta Gamma” and “Delta Gammas in the U.S.A.”

When the weather changes, my obsession with checking it increases.  I have a few different apps on my phone and I regularly check the weather not only for my home, but also for my sister’s city, and now for Kauai.  I have been checking the 15 day forecast for Kauai obsessively and willing it to say “Sunny” for all of the 6 days we are there.  So far so good!

I think there might be a genetic component to my weather obsession.  I know my mom likes to check her multiple weather apps too and my dad annoys my sister on a weekly basis with his diatribes about how the weather in L.A. is so superior to New York, and why does she live there anyway? 

Here’s to spring and to the joys the warm season will bring!

2 Responses to “Spring Fever”

  1. TBone
    April 6, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    The Delta Gammas truly are the great parodists of our time.

  2. Rachel
    April 6, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    Definitely genetic, I check the weather a minimum of 10 times a day, it’s pretty bad!

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