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My name is Sarah, and I have showstopperitis.  In some ways, it really cant be helped.  I come from a family of showstoppers.  My great grandma was the original showstopper.  With the class of a southern belle and a heart bigger than any, her southern meatloaf and perfect country fried steak still lives in the memories of those dazzled by […]

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Presents from Jesus

Kauai was beautiful!  It was amazing!  And it was filled with lots of presents from Jesus.  The whole time on our trip, whether I was enjoying the beauty of the ocean from our lanai, gazing into my husband’s eyes over a romantic dinner, or soaking up the sun on the beach, I kept thinking about this phrase […]

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Yoga and Airplanes

I’m back from Hawaii!  It was a great trip, and I plan on sharing some of the highlights (and lo-lights) tomorrow.  But today, here are some observations that can tide you over: Five ways that a yoga studio is like an airplane 1. There is a destination: For me, the destination is that post-yoga euphoria.  I […]

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The Lessons of Minimum Wage

One of my old students emailed me today.  He told me that since graduating he has worked a few different jobs but nothing great.  I wrote him back, encouraging him that working a variety of jobs means gaining new skills and learning what you like to do.  This got me thinking about some of the […]

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Confidence: Know Your Enemy

Self Loathing walks up to confidence in a bar…  One step forward, two steps back.  I’m still new at my “out of the box” life, where I stand strong in confidence that I am unique.  Great even.  That I bring something to the table of life.  I have been finding a lot of confidence in […]

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Throw the back out with the bath water

One of my worst yoga fears has happened.  I threw out my back.  Did it happen in yoga class, looking amazing in a hard pose?  Nope.  It happened at the nail salon.  Some people who know me well know that I do not enjoy pedicures.  I get them about twice a year and endure them […]

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Confessions of a (former) teenage drama queen

Being a high school teacher certainly has its ups and downs.  Kind of like high school was for me.  Since I’m not the “give me your packet and get out of here” kind of teacher, I end up hearing A LOT of sad stories.  The students will just sit down at my desk and pour […]

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Spring Fever

Spring is here!  How do I know this?  I know because of the beautiful weather, my anxiousness to get on vacation (Hawaii next week-woot woot!), and because our student’s necks are adorned with evidence of warm spring  night activities. I love the change from winter to spring.  I love the feeling of coming home to […]

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Hits and Misses

A few of my favorite poses right now: Wind removing pose : Yup!  Its supposed to do what it sounds like it does. Dancer : I really feel like one!  Confession: I like to watch myself in the mirror and admire how strong and graceful I look. Warrior 3 : I’m pretty good at balancing, […]

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Yoga, where have you been all my life?

Have you heard?  I’m living “out of the box” in my thirties.  Since turning 30 in January, I have chosen to let life be a little sweeter.  As my big day approached, I was really stressing out about it, noticing subtle changes in my body, listening to my grey hairs scream out a greeting in […]

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